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Brooding Lilith

Since I have to write this before I go to work today and there hasn’t been a topic posted yet, I am choosing to write a response letter from Akin to Lilith, after he has been captured.

Dear Lilith,

I miss you very much. I have been captured for over a month, and I would like to come home now. These humans are cruel, weak willed, and angry beyond repair. When I was first captured, the men were barbaric. They grabbed me like livestock and treated me worse. It was as if they had never seen a child before. They ignored me, cursed me, laughed at me. It was incredibly lonely. I longed for your taste. I even miss the way you would stalk away into the forest for no apparent reason. At least that was familiar.

I am now in the village Pheonix, living with Gabe and Tate. They are taking me somewhere, a salvage site so I won’t be found. They know you, but I am forbidden to speak of you in front of anyone. These humans live in fear and anger. They are angry at the Oankali, you, and the other humans who betrayed them. But they are going to take it out on me if I am not careful. They will direct their pain at me because they have been kept from having children of their own. Why are we forcing them to live hopeless lives? Can’t we allow them to have children? The humans need to stay alive. What if the Dinso and Toaht union fails? I know they had their chance, and they tried to destroy themselves. But do we have the right to interfere?

Please come find me. I am only just beginning to understand the humans, and I am afraid. If you leave me here, I may end up being tortured or killed. I just want to be with my people, and my sister before it is too late.




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